Terms and Conditions

All Parents and Students,

General Code

  1. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the class starting time for preparation.
  2. Please remember your chosen class time and date, and attend classes on time. Under normal circumstances, staff will not senda reminder.
  3. All classescan only be attended by the enrolled students and cannot be transferred to others.
  4. All latestnews and activities about SUPERPARK UNITED will be posted in website, please check the information regularly.
  5. Upon contacting SUPERPARK UNITED participant is required to provide the student number to the office. If students need to change any personal information, such as their address or phone number, please inform us in writing.
  6. Parents and participants are not allowed to change the class time without prior arrangement with SUPERPARK UNITED. Tuition fees are non-refundableif the class is missed.
  7. SUPERPARK UNITED reserves the right to change the class time, venues and coaches.
  8. Please take care of the equipment and venue of SUPERPARK UNITED. If any equipment or venue is damaged or defaced, participant will be charged the according to the market price.
  9. Students or visitors should keep their own personal belongings. SUPERPARK UNITED will not responsible for any loss of property.
  10. Please respect the coaches, keep the venue clean, self-discipline, and build a good personality and sense of citizenship.
  11. Students should cooperate and respect each other.
  12. Please wear appropriate footwear for class.


Payment for a program

1. Participants can choose to pay by cash or credit card.
2. Please provide the student number to SUPERPARK UNITED for record when paying tuition fee.
3. SUPERPARK UNITED reserves the right to adjust the fees for each course without prior notice.
4. Parents and students are required to pay tuition fees before the start of the course.

5. For participants who are absent from their designated class, the class will be automatically forfeited and will not be refunded.
6. The paid fees are non-transferable.


Safety, Health and Hygiene

1. If the student is unwell, e.g. cough, fever, vomiting, diarrhea or other infectious diseases, please stay at home and rest.
2. If the student feels uncomfortable in the classroom, we will immediately notify the parent or guardian to pick up the student as soon as possible.
3. We are committed to providing a comfortable and safe learning environment for students. If there is any accident in SUPERPARK UNITED that causes physical injury or death, SUPERPARK UNITED will not be held responsible.
4. Our coaches are responsible for the safety of the children in the classroom and place the safety of your child first physically and mentally. In the event of uncontrollable situation, the coach will communicate with individual parents.
5. We believe that every child has the right to be free from bullying. Therefore we commit a “No tolerance” attitude towards any bullying, and take positive actions to prevent it.


Code of Sports Ethics

We hope that every participants can enjoy the best experience possible. Hoping to show the spirit of sportsmanship and the following principles in the classroom:

1. The instructor will conduct all games in a fair and equitable manner. We encourage students to follow the rules of the game for each sport. Applaud good play by all players.
2. Support and encourage fair play from all players including the opposition.
3. Treat each other with tolerance and patience. Do not criticize and or take part in hateful speech or physical violence.
4. Aide by all regulations of the course and requests by coaches.
5. Recognize that the coach attaches great importance to the long-term development of the children and focus on their efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.


Photos, Videos and Personal Privacy

1. SUPERPARK UNITED may occasionally use videos and cameras during classes and activities for assessment, in promotional channels and internal records only and will not passed onto third parties. If parents do not wish us to use photos and videos that include their children, please advise us on the application form or in writing.
2. SUPERPARK UNITED understands that parents want to take pictures and videos of their children. Please consider the privacy of others and must not interfere with the proceedings of the course or activity in any way.
3. Personal data will be handled by SUPERPARK UNITED staff and kept confidential.
4. SUPERPARK UNITED can use personal data such as name and contact details to send communications that are relevant to parents and students.


Weather Policy

1. When the Typhoon Signal 1 or Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted, all activities are carried out as usual.
2. Please refer to the table below for the arrangements when Typhoon Signal 3 or above or Red Rainstorm Warning is hoisted.

Class guidelines:
A.Preschool: 3 years old or below class
B.Beginner level: 4-6 years old class
C.Intermediate level: 7-9 years old, 10-13 years old class
D.Advanced level: 14 years old or above, adults class

Tropical Cyclone/ Rainstorm Warning Signals
Time Class Arrangement
The Typhoon Signal no.3/ Red Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued and still in force 2 hours before the course starts Preschool level Cancel
Beginner level
Intermediate level On schedule
Advanced level
The Typhoon Signal no.3/ Red Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued and in force during the class All levels On schedule
The Typhoon Signal no.8 or above/ Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued and still in force 2 hours before the course starts All levels Cancel
The Typhoon Signal no.8/ Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued and in force during the class All levels Cancel (children will be supervised until they are collected by parents/ guardians or the end of the class/camp)

* Parents can decide whether to attend the class due to actual adverse weather conditions. SUPERPARK UNITED will handle students who are late or absent flexibly.


Leave and Public Holidays

  1. A makeup class will be arranged for any students unable to attend a class must inform the office 7 days in advance.
    2. A makeup class will be arranged for any students taking leave on the same day of the class, such as sick leave and inform the office before the class starts with doctor certificate provided.
  • Each student can reschedule the class once a month due to sick or personal reasons(except traveling abroad).Substitutes are not accepted if student takes leave more than once without sufficient reason, the class will be automatically forfeited. SUPERPARK UNITED reserves the right to amend and change the terms and conditions. If the number of enrolment is not enough to run the camp/programme, we reserve the right to cancel it in our sole discretion as we deem appropriate. For enquiries, please contact 3611139 or email us at enuqiry@superpark.com.hk.



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