Super Annual Pass 全年任玩任MOVE

各類個人年票 限時全線8 (截至8月31日)




Teenage annual pass

全新SuperAnnualPass (個人)

玩得愈多慳得愈多!現在您可以更輕鬆容易地以實惠的價錢打造健康活力的生活模式。全新的SuperAnnualPass年票,讓您可以用一個價錢全年任玩香港 SuperPark超過24項創新運動遊戲。即使每個月只能到訪一次香港SuperPark,已值回SuperAnnualPass的票價(與購買獨立門票相比)。切勿錯過以優惠價尊享無限fun的機會﹗

全新SuperAnnualPass全年入場証適合不同年齡及界別的大小朋友,全年任玩超過20項有趣、健康及激發體能的遊戲運動! 個人全年入場證最低由$850起!



  1. 全年無限次入場大玩特玩*
  2. 舉辦生日會優惠、購物優惠等
  3. 獲邀請參與獨家會員活動
  4. 獲贈一系列迎新禮品及專業運動體驗課程*


Family annualpass


透過場內超過20款運動與遊戲,讓家長與小朋友能拋開平日的生活壓力,全年無限次*進入SuperPark享受簡單純粹的快樂! 秉承芬蘭SuperPark的創辦理念— 遊戲不再是小朋友的專利,家長也會愛上這種遊戲玩樂、友誼第一及改善健康的「SuperPark生活模式」! 全新家庭必選「 1+1家庭套票」全年入場證只由$1,360起!

三種會籍 全年任玩任MOVE!


Regular Days無限次使用
  • 全天然意式Geppetto Gelateria 雪糕劵乙張
  • SuperPark防滑襪乙對
  • SuperPark型格手帶乙條
  • 尊享95折訂購40人或以上的SuperPark派對套餐(每位Silver咭持有人每年可享用此優惠乙次)
  •  獲邀請參與會員尊享活動
*購買家庭套票可以優惠價$500購買supplementary card乙張 (只供家傭照顧15歲以下小童之用,不作獨立出售)

家庭套票 1+1:

(成人一位+ 15歲以下小童一位)

HK$ 1,360






HK$ 850



Regular Days及Super Days﹕Morning Mayhem時段無限次使用
  • 全天然意式Geppetto Gelateria 雪糕劵2張
  • SuperPark防滑襪乙對
  • SuperPark型格手帶乙條
  • 尊享95折訂購40人或以上的SuperPark派對套餐(每位Gold咭持有人每年可享用此優惠乙次)
  • 獲邀請參與會員尊享活動

*購買家庭套票可以優惠價$500購買supplementary card乙張 (只供家傭照顧15歲以下小童之用,不作獨立出售)

家庭套票 1+1 

(成人一位+ 15歲以下小童一位)

HK$ 2,200






HK$ 1,380




  • 額外2張 SuperDay 全日門票 (價值HK$500)
  • SuperTrampoline 或SuperSkate體驗課程乙堂 (價值HK$400)
  • 全天然意式Geppetto Gelateria 雪糕劵2張
  • 限量版SuperPark多用途運動袋乙個 (只限首500名)
  • SuperPark運動水樽乙個
  • SuperPark防滑襪乙對
  • SuperPark型格手帶乙條
  • 尊享9折訂購40人或以上的SuperPark派對套餐(每位Premium咭持有人每年可享用此優惠乙次)
  • 尊享 85折購物優惠
  • 獲邀請參與會員尊享活動

*購買家庭套票會免費獲得supplementary card乙張


(成人一位+ 15歲以下小童一位)

HK$ 4,920






HK$ 3,280


溫馨提示: 如何計劃行程

  • 請先登入SuperRewards會員
  • 必須於SuperPark訂票網頁預約門票 (登入後會於頂部功能列表顯示)
  • 請帶同SuperPark發出之預約確認信
  • 入場時出示有效的實體SuperAnnualPass


SuperAnnualPass Terms and Conditions


1.1  Guest will be required to present such personal identification and provide such personal data as SuperPark Hong Kong (“SuperPark”) may require at the time of the purchase or issue of the Card. Examples of personal identification include but are not limited to: HKID Card, passport or other photo identification. SuperPark may refuse admission if in SuperPark’s determination the identity of the guest cannot be verified by one or more means set out herein. The name and photograph of the guest will be printed on the card and the name as printed cannot be changed.


1.2  The Card is valid for admission during normal operating hours of the Park with unlimited usage for one year from the issue date, except for private events and block-out dates as announced by SuperPark in the website and are subject to change (N.B. Different block-out dates and sessions apply to Silver and Gold Card respectively. Premium Card is not subject to any block-out date).


1.3  For UPGRADE, Annual Pass Holders may, during the validity period upgrade their membership to another tier by paying the price difference at SuperPark’s reception counter. Guest must collect the Card in person and have his/her photograph taken. The last day of the validity period of the upgraded membership will be the same as that of the original membership. No extension of the last day of the validity period is allowed.


  • For REPLACEMENT OF CARD, a handling fee determined by SuperPark will be charged due to loss, theft, damage or upon card holders’ request. The last day of the validity period of the replaced Card will be the same as that of the original Card. Guest must collect the new Card in person and have his/her photograph taken.



2.1 SuperAnnualPass holders must present his/her valid annual pass as SuperPark may require at the time of redemption of their benefits. SuperPark may refuse redemption of the benefits if in SuperPark’s determination the identity of the holders cannot be verified.


2.2 Benefits apply to the annual pass holders only and are non-transferable.


2.3 Benefits are subject to availability, may change or suspend due to limited supply without prior notice. SuperPark reserves the right to offer other awards of the same value as replenishment.




3.1 SuperPark reserves the right to add to, delete and/or to vary these Terms and Conditions at any time and from time to time without notice.

3.2 SuperPark reserves the right to terminate or suspend the availability of SuperAnnualPass at any time without any prior notice.

3.3 Except as specifically amended by the Personal Information Collection Statement set out in the SuperAnnualPass registration form, personal data collected in connection with the purchase or issue of the Card will be held, processed and used in accordance with the applicable privacy policy set out in the Website.

3.4 In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.




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