SuperSKI & Snowboard

SUPER SKIReal VR Skiing and Snowboarding in HK without snow or slopes !


SuperPark unveils TWO world-class real skiing and snowboarding G-force simulators combining virtual reality (VR) and entertainment, with a Professional Model and a mini size starter model ideal for kids and beginners!



  • Beginners to learn skiing before reaching the snow
  • Fitness combining FUN and highly intense cardio burn out (700-1000 kcal in a session)
  • Pros and racers to refresh your muscle memory from last season
  • Be ski-ready all year round!





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Advanced & Professional Skiiers

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Welcome to those who wants to try the fun of this Winter Olympics sport without wearing a bulky snow jacket. SuperPark provide the best chance for you to enjoy the exciting Nordic fun in a safe environment with endless trails and slalom courses!There’s no ski-lifts or wet snow to ruin anyone’s day, we just get to focus on the basics and have fun!

Who It’s Perfect For:

  • Kids & Adults of all ages (at least 120cm or above)
  • Anyone who hasn’t been to the snow
  • Trendy and exciting
  • Anyone who can hardly travel far for a ski holiday


Exclusively 10% off for customers who purchased any admission tickets, can enjoy private experience of Ski and Snowboard (30 mins) with boots rental and free SuperPark socks.

Promo Code: SKI10off

*Please enter above promo code to enjoy the offer

  • Up to 2 players per simulator in each session
  • Suggested 10-15mins for preparation (i.e. wearing Ski socks and boots)

  • Please arrive SuperSki on the specific time




SuperProgram is out now for structured Ski/ Snowboard courses!

To explore more FUN while learning to jump out of your comfort zone and step up to parallel and carving skiing and snowboarding in the safe condition.

Program Details:

  • Coached by experienced skiers and snowboarders
  • Available in group and private class
  • Free Ski/ Snowboard Boots rental
  • Free SuperPark socks

Course Fees:

  • $680/45mins (One Student)
  • $1,080/60 mins (Up to 2 Students)
  • Starter Package (4 lessons) 5% off
  • Advanced Starter Package (10 lessons) 10% off
BKK-SKI-2 copy

Cutting-edge technology reproduces the exact sensation of going the slope, while admiring the huge panorama screen in 4K resolution for endless trails, slaloms and giant slaloms. It’s the best way to enjoy the slopes -no lifts, no lines, infinite adventures!


SuperSKI is the training simulator for U.S. Ski and Snowboard Olympics Team, it comes with multiple built-in sensors map all the parameters, such as the position of your skis on the slope and your edging angles. Guests can choose different snow conditions, including hard-packed, soft or icy snow. It can also generate bumps on the slope and create mogul-like terrain.

Training or Fitness Price (Each session consists 45 mins)

  • Professional Model:Super Days $600 | Regular Days $500
  • Starter Model: Super Days $400 | Regular Days $300


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Freestyle Hall


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Freestyle Hall


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